Marine Mammals and Seabirds and Turtles: Year-round search effort of Western English Channel Marinelife Surveys

Date(s) (Creation)
Custodian(s): CHARM consortium
Processor(s): Catherine McClellan
Affiliation(s) 1 : University of Exeter Centre for Ecology and Conservation
Abstract Marinelife at-sea survey effort for megavertebrates in the Western English Channel. Surveys recorded sightings of large pelagic fishes and sharks, cetaceans, seals and sea turtles. The data span from 2007 - 2011 and come from both dedicated and opportunistic surveys in the CHARM3 study area. Survey effort should be viewed with relative-abundance layers of the various megavertebrate groups.
Keywords Marine Mammals and Seabirds and Turtles, Marinelife Survey Effort, effort associƩ de recherche de Marinelife, World, Species distribution
Lineage Sightings records were contributed by: Marinelife. Data were filtered to remove obvious location errors (i.e. on land), in poor seastates (>3 Beaufort Scale), from high-speed (ferries), static (dive)vessels, or when chumming occured (fishing). The filtered dataset was then used to generate survey effort rasters in 0.25 degree resolution.
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