Oceanographic cruise - LANGOLF (Langoustine Bay of Biscay)

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Point of contact(s): IFREMER SIH
Abstract Calculating Nephrops stock abundance index in the Grande Vasière (Bay of Biscay), size and sex structure; spatial distribution of population per sedimentary unit. Macroscopic observation of stages of sexual maturity in females. Abundance index estimations for related species. Calcified parts were removed to determine the age of species of commercial interest whose stock dynamics are being monitored. Sexual maturity stages in sole, angler fish and hake. Temperature, salinity and depth logs taken (Cruises FIS).
Keywords Species, Assembly, Benthos, Sedimentary strata, Langoustine, hake, Size, sex, Stratified sampling, Environmental monitoring facilities, Bay of Biscay, D3: Commercially Exploited Species, /Human Activities/Oceanographical Cruises
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Direction des Pêches Maritimes et de l'Aquaculture (DPMA)
Lineage On the entire sector, with a total surface area of around 11680 km², five sedimentary strata are defined according to mud content and origin. Sampling method: random stratified, proportionally allocated a ratio which takes into account: (1) the surface of each layer and (2) an index relating to the concentration of fishing vessels.
The locations are trawled randomly
Fishing gear consists of twin trawls (two trawlers connected by their wing points at the centre) much like those used in
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Temporal Extent 2006-04-07 - 2013-05-21