MEDSEA_CH4_Product_6 / Spatial layers of sea–level trend from PSMSL tide-gauges over periods of 50 years (1963-2012) and 100 years (1913-2012)

Date(s) (Creation)
Point of contact(s): SOCIB
Affiliation(s) 1 : CNR
Publisher(s): EMODnet Medsea Checkpoint
Credit EMODnet Medsea Checkpoint
DOI 10.12770/b5bda992-0ede-46dd-a2e8-7859042212bd
Abstract Description of spatial layers attributes of sea-level trend (units: mm/year) from tide gauges over periods of 50 years (1963-2012) and 100 years (1913-2012), to characterize and assess average annual sea-level rise at the coast.
Keywords MedSea - CH04 - Climate and Coastal Protection, Observation (raw, QC), Delayed, Oceanographic geographical features, Sea-level trend, tide-gauges
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Temporal Extent 1913-01-01 - 2012-12-31