ETN - European Tracking Network

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Publisher(s): IMAR Azore
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Abstract The European Tracking Network (ETN) aims at bringing together marine researchers based in Europe that use aquatic biotelemetry as a tool. The main goals of the network are the promotion of transboundary cooperation, the establishment of a pan-European aquatic telemetry infrastructure network, improved data sharing through a central data portal and enhanced funding opportunities.
ETN is co-coordinated by IMAR/University of the Azores and the Canadian Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) initiative. ETN is a partner node of OTN.
The central data platform is hosted by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and provides three key services to the users. 1) Data and metadata are stored centrally at a PostgreSQL database. To facilitate the data entry and data management for the users, a web application was developed in PHP using Symfony framework. 2) A data explorer is available to visualize the data. Datasets can be filtered based on area, species or time frame. In addition, detection data can be linked to other data types ( (e.g. moon index and tides) and several plot options are available. 3) In the R-studio environment, more detailed analyses can be performed
Keywords Environmental monitoring facilities, Networks, Aquatic biotelemetry, pan-european telemetry infrastructure, network, database, Bottom depth, Oxygen, Temperature
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