DRAKKAR Forcing Sets- DFS5.2

Point de contact(s): Claude Talandier
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer
Identifiant FR-330-715-368-00032-IFR_DRAKKAR_DFS5.2
Résumé DRAKKAR forcing sets are used to force global and regional ocean models

DRAKKAR is a scientific and technical coordination between French research teams (LEGI-Grenoble, LPO-Brest, LOCEAN-Paris), MERCATOR-ocean, NOC Southampton, IFM-Geomar Kiel, and other teams in Europe and Canada. We propose to design, carry out, assess, and distribute high-resolution global ocean/sea-ice numerical simulations based on the NEMO platform (www.nemo-ocean.eu) performed over long periods (five decades or more), and to improve and maintain a hierarchy of state-of-the-art ocean/sea-ice model configurations for operational and research applications.
Mots-clés Conditions atmosphériques
Généalogie The Drakkar Forcing Set 5.2 has been developed to drive ocean hindcasts of the period 1958 to 2015 (see also Table 1). It includes the following surface variables required by the NEMO bulk formula to calculate heat, freshwater and momentum fluxes across the air-sea interface (i.e. the surface boundary condition to the model primitive equations).
* zonal and meridional components of the 10-m wind : u10, v10
* 2-m air humidity : q2
* 2-m air temperature : t2
* downward shortwave radiation at the
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Données en accès public Citations: The making of Drakkar forcing set DFS5. Dussin, R., B. Barnier and L. Brodeau, 2016. DRAKKAR/MyOcean Report 01-04-16, LGGE, Grenoble, France
Etendue temporelle 1958-01-01 - 2015-12-31