Maritime Boundaries: Exclusive Economic Zones (200NM)

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Point of contact(s): Ifremer
Credit Marine Regions
Abstract This dataset builds on previous versions of the world's EEZ. In version 9, the 200 nautical miles outer limit was completely recalculated using a higher resolution coastline as a normal baseline (ESRI Countries 2014) and straight baselines, where available. This dataset consists of two shapefiles: polylines that represent the maritime boundaries of the world's countries, the other one is a polygon layer representing the Exclusive Economic Zone of countries. This dataset also contains digital information about treaties, joint regime, and disputed boundaries.
Keywords /Regulation and Management/Marine Administrative Data, Sea regions, EEZ
Lineage Data collection and boundaries calculations

The Maritime Boundaries available for download on Marine Regions website are now on its 9th version. This version not only builds on what was made in earlier versions but it also adds shapefiles for areas and lines that, to the best of our knowledge, had never been published before at a global scale. In this new release, Marine Regions makes available all areas included in the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).
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