MEDSEA_CH2_Product_5 / Representativity of habitats/species/other features

Date(s) (Creation)
Author(s): ,
Point of contact(s): HCMR
Affiliation(s) 1 : HCMR
Publisher(s): EMODnet Medsea Checkpoint
Credit EMODnet Medsea Checkpoint
DOI 10.12770/df4d3c78-c10e-4149-bcb7-7c0185b2f506
Abstract Combination of bathymetry, light, MPAs, Natura sites, seagrass distributions, Coralligenous formations, Mediterranean Cetaceans, Marine caves, Transitional water bodies
Keywords MedSea - CH02 - Marine Protected Areas, High level analyzed, Delayed, Habitats and biotopes, Marine Protected Areas, MPAs, Habitats, species, Bathymetry, Cetaceans, Natura sites, light, coralligenous formations, Posidonia oceanica, marine caves, Transitional water bodies, substrate, Mediterranean
Temporal Extent 1933-12-01 - 2014-12-31