MEDSEA_CH2_Product_4 / Qualitative analysis of connectivity between MPAs

Date(s) (Creation)
Author(s): , , ,
Point of contact(s): HCMR
Affiliation(s) 1 : HCMR
2 : INGV
Publisher(s): EMODnet Medsea Checkpoint
Credit EMODnet Medsea Checkpoint
DOI 10.12770/f4d3dd30-633b-4a49-9c09-1e1243f36763
Abstract In order to assess the connectivity oceanographic data will be used. A shape map will be created combining data on MPAs adequacy and distribution of MPAs and temperature, currents seasonal GIS layers (The temperature and currents are INGV climatological products made available to CH2.
Keywords MedSea - CH02 - Marine Protected Areas, High level analyzed, Delayed, Oceanographic geographical features, Marine Protected Areas, MPAs, Temperature, Currents, Seasonal, Mediterranean
Temporal Extent 1987-01-01 - 2013-01-01